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Pool Maintenance FAQs

Get answers to your pool maintenance questions from the pros

At Tanner’s Pool Services, we strive to be the company you can count on for all your pool maintenance needs. We are always available to answer any questions you may have, and we’ve compiled some answers to common questions about pool maintenance in Orange County here for your convenience.


Doesn’t monthly pool service cover all my pool maintenance needs?

No. While monthly pool service does include all the tasks required to keep the water in your pool clean and debris-free, other tasks are required to keep your pool equipment and pool structure in good repair. Tanner’s Pool Services offers additional services for pool maintenance in Orange County, including filter system cleaning, water changes, acid washing, chlorine washing, and pool mastic repair.

Can’t I monitor my pool water on my own?

Many pool owners do attempt to handle their own pool chemical evaluation, monitoring, and maintenance. However, achieving proper water chemistry in your pool can be difficult. Without professional help, you risk having incorrect pH and chlorine levels, which can not only make swimming unpleasant or even unsafe, but also potentially damage your pool.

How often do I need to change the water in my pool?

Pool FAQsTypically, pools need to be drained once every 3 to 5 years. In order to find out if it is time to drain your pool, call Tanner’s Pool Services to have your TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) levels tested. When levels rise above 2,000 ppm, it’s time to change the water.

How do I know when my pool filter needs maintenance?

Check the instructions from your filter’s manufacturer. Most manufacturers recommend scheduling a complete cleaning of your filter system every 6 months as part of routine pool maintenance in Orange County.

Why is my pool or spa water green or brown?

Algae growth on the walls or floor of your pool can give the water a murky green, brown, or even black tint. Tanner’s Pool Services can restore crystal clear water to your pool. We’ll remove the algae from the pool surfaces as well as from the water pipes and pool equipment and then add the proper balance of chemicals to prevent the algae from returning.

My pool walls look dingy. Can this be fixed?

Pool FAQsYes. We can drain your pool and give it an acid wash to strip away a tiny layer of the dingy or stained plaster and reveal a fresh new surface. If you have dingy or cloudy looking pool tile, the problem is most likely calcium build up which can also be removed via our professional pool maintenance in Orange County.

Why are my pool tiles cracked?

One possible cause of cracked pool tiles could be water penetration beneath your pool deck. When this happens, the pool deck can shift, crack, raise, or lower over time, resulting in damage to your pool tiles. Tanner’s Pool Services can repair or replace cracked or missing pool tiles as well as help you solve the root cause of the problem by repairing the mastic seals around your pool coping.