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Pool Service

Tanner’s Pool Service keeps your water crystal clean

Is your pool full of leaves or algae? Does the water sting your eyes? If these or other problems are keeping you from enjoying your pool or spa, you need to call Tanner’s Pool Services. We are dedicated pool service professionals that will help you restore your saltwater pool or chlorinated pool to pristine condition. Once you sign up for our pool service in Orange County, you’ll never have to worry about a dirty pool again.

Pool Service
Pool Service
Pool Service

Routine Pool & Spa Service in Orange County

We offer weekly & monthly pool & spa service in Orange County designed to ensure your pool is always ready to enjoy. On each scheduled visit, we will:

  • Test pool & spa water (chlorine, pH, calcium, TDS, etc.)
  • Adjust chemicals as needed
  • Add pool & spa salt as needed
  • Skim the pool & spa
  • Brush spa & pool tiles, steps, & walls
  • Vacuum the pool & spa floor
  • Empty skimmer and pump baskets
  • Top off pool & spa water as needed
  • Check for any pool or spa equipment issues

Swimming Pool & Spa Special Services

We are a Pentair Pool Product Specialist!

In addition to regular cleaning & maintenance, Tanner’s Pool Services also handles any special needs you may have, including:

  • Pool & spa equipment repair & replacement
  • Water fall & Fountain services
  • Acid washing to make your pool & spa look like new
  • Chlorine washing to remove stubborn algae
  • Rock repair, painting & cleaning
  • Tile & mastic repair
  • Replastering
  • Filter maintenance, repair & replacement
  • Water changes
  • LED lighting repair & replacement
  • Automated control centers for pool & spa
Pentair Pool Product
Pentair Pool Product
Pentair Pool Product

Our People Make the Difference

At Tanner’s Pool Services, we want to be the company you can trust with all your pool service & maintenance needs. In order to help build this trusted relationship, we offer each client a professional and quality service experience. Instead of having some generic “pool guy” show up at your property, you will have the same person servicing your pool & spa each month. We will really get to know you and your pool & spa, enabling Us to provide You superior pool service each week. We offer all of our services anywhere in Orange County!

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